Testimonial from Andrea

SONY DSC“…experiences have clearly shown that an approach which ‘de-medicalizes’ birth, restores dignity and humanity to the process of childbirth, and returns control to the mother is also the safest approach.” –Michel Odent, MD

I am very grateful to have been able to choose a natural birth experience with an independent midwife for both of my children. Giving birth in my own home, safely guided by an experienced practitioner while listening to and following my own body, was one of the most valuable experiences for me as a woman and a doctor. Luckily I never felt alone or afraid. Continually being visited, examined and supported by the same midwife, from pregnancy care all the way through birth and post-partum was a true blessing.

I realize, this is not an experience for every woman, but it is a choice, a choice for continuity of care, safety at homebirth and invaluable support at breastfeeding.

Michel Odent, the researcher, who founded the Primal Health Research Centre in London, suggests the way we are born has long term consequences in terms of sociability, aggressiveness and the capacity to love.

His research clearly indicates that our health is shaped during the time between conception and first birthday.

In the light of current scientific knowledge it is hard to believe, that women who are consciously preparing for birth and motherhood will have no safe choices anymore.

It makes me sad for the future generation of women, who will mostly say about their birth experience “It was terrible and I hope to forget it soon”.



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