Testimonial from Alison

IMG_0685In 2008 whilst pregnant with my 3rd baby I wanted to have a home water birth within the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. I was told by my local hospital that I could have a home birth but that it probably would not be possible to have a water birth. The reason being that the community midwives did not feel comfortable or had been trained in water birth. Being a student midwife myself I knew the politics involved. I was pregnant and vulnerable and did not have the energy to fight the system. I also did not want midwives attending me in labour who did not feel comfortable with the situation. This would have had massive psychological effects on me and my birthing. I was left with no option but to hire
an Independent midwife. This turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I had continuity of care with someone I trusted completely and someone whom I felt absolutely at ease with. I went on to have a beautiful home water birth. When pregnant with my 4th baby I opted for the same and once again had a beautiful birth.

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