Testimonial from Jasmine

We chose an Independent Midwife as we believe that women should be free
to to choose where and how to birth. As an older first time mum-to-be it
has been important to me that I have been treated on my own merits as a
human being, empowered as woman to trust in my body’s natural ability to
safely birth my child and not to be a mere statistic.

I’ve been blessed with a healthy pregnancy and baby and have been unconditionally supported by my Independent Midwife to pursue the homebirth, in water, that I wish for the arrival of our child. It is also extremely important
to me to know that I am receiving a consistently high standard of care
from someone who has a superb level of knowledge and practical expertise
but more importantly, time to give us both, as new parents, the
information we need to make informed choices and decisions.

We are also secure in the knowledge that should we need to transfer to hospital, our IM will be an informed and pragmatic advocate for us, who will help us
continue to make the correct choices for the safety of our baby. Our
Independent Midwife has given us confidence and security in the
knowledge that our Independent Midwife is working in harmony with us to
do exactly what is right for us and our baby.

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