Testimonial from Leigh

I had both of my beautiful children at home under the expert care of McMidwives – an independent midwifery service practising in the Central belt of Scotland. We chose to have an independent midwife mainly because I was at high risk of postnatal depression and was very anxious about my first pregnancy and delivery.

Because we were able to build up a relationship of trust and understanding throughout the months of my pregnancy with our chosen midwife, my anxiety lessened and I was able to deliver a strong and healthy baby at home in an atmosphere of trust, love, professionalism and safety. I strongly believe that this beautiful birthing experience and the one-to-one care I received before, during and after the birth contributed my excellent mental health and depression free entry into motherhood.

When I became pregnant for the second time with my son there was no doubt in my mind that we would use McMidwives again. My second pregnancy and birth was a truly transformative experience. My young daughter was able to attend the birth and I feel that I have given her the gift of seeing a beautiful birth which she can carry with her into her own womanhood and mothering experience.

This sort of care is not available to ladies without independent midwives. Women should have the right to choose who gives them pregnancy, labour and post- natal care. The intimate relationship that was able to grow between the McMidwives team, myself and my family was, I believe, absolutely crucial to my well being and mental health. When a mother is happy and healthy this spreads throughout the whole family unit.

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