Testimonial from Lesley

Having had an unplanned c-section with my first child, I was told by my GP that I should not consider having a vaginal birth with my second child because it would put the life of my baby at risk.

Having looked into the topic myself, I made the informed decision to hire an independent midwife to help me have the birth that I wanted. I went on to deliver two subsequent babies vaginally, both of them in my own home with my independent midwife, Carrie McIntosh.

Having Carrie to support me enabled me to have a wonderful birthing experience and helped me to put the trauma of my first birth behind me. My third child was born at home just a month ago and it was the most wonderful start to life anyone could hope for.

Without the support of my independent midwife, I have no doubt that I would have had two c-sections, causing additional trauma to myself and my family, and costing the NHS significantly more money.

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