Testimonial from Suzie

The birth of my first child was under NHS care and I found the experience frightening, disempowering and demeaning. Approaching the birth of my second baby, I felt frustrated that I could not find the support I needed. My local NHS consultant did not agree with my decision to give birth at home because I did not fit their criteria. The NHS midwives reluctantly agreed to attend, but my husband and I did not feel supported. To determine whether we were making the right choice, we sought independent advice from Carrie McIntosh and decided to ask her to work with us.

Choosing to have an Independent midwife attend my daughter’s birth was the best decision I have ever made. The fear, anxiety and self-doubt melted away and I was able to birth safely and confidently at home with the correct professional support, knowing I could trust her impartial advice and feeling the security of having someone I knew, liked and trusted be with me at my most vulnerable time.

The ability to choose an independent midwife was what I needed to achieve a safe, comfortable, stress-free birth. Without Carrie’s help, I would have been scared, stressed, and at risk because of my difficulty with NHS services. There needs to be an option for women to opt out of the NHS.

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