Complete midwifery care

Most women who come to McMidwives are looking for complete end-to-end care during their pregnancy, birth and through the postnatal period. I can offer full continuity of carer and choice of place of birth to women and their families. Whether you are looking for a relaxed homebirth or would prefer to be in hospital for any reason, I will offer support and evidence-based information, enabling you to make the best choices for yourself, your baby and family.

Complete care includes full antenatal maternity care, attendance at the baby’s birth either at home or in hospital, then four weeks of postnatal care after baby is born. At each appointment, you will have the opportunity to talk through any questions or concerns you may have, and I will carry out any checks that you have agreed on for you and your baby. I will go on call for the birth of your baby when you are 37 weeks pregnant, and will stay on call until baby arrives; and I will also be available by telephone or text for any specific concerns you have between appointments.

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