Hospital birth

Although birthing at home is very safe for low-risk women and their babies, and can also be safe for women who are considered to be high risk in mainstream maternity care, sometimes there may be clinical indications that make it a good idea to give birth in hospital. Some women just prefer the idea of being in hospital and feel more comfortable giving birth within easy reach of medical interventions, should they become necessary. I can still be your midwife if you decide on a hospital birth, providing antenatal and postnatal care, and supporting you as a birth companion and advocate for your choices during labour and birth.

While the hospital midwives will take responsibility for providing your clinical care during your stay in hospital, I can provide extra emotional support for you and your birth companion(s), as well as liaising with colleagues in the hospital care team to advocate for your birth preferences. I can also assess you at home during early labour, and help you to plan when the most suitable time to travel to hospital will be; I will liaise fully with colleagues in the hospital, meaning you can avoid the Triage assessment process before you are admitted. This can free you up to focus on your labour, instead of having to make repeated telephone calls and perhaps even unnecessary trips to hospital.

I have looked after many mums who chose to give birth in hospital, or who decided to transfer in during a planned home birth. To read some of my previous clients’ birth stories, click here to visit my blog >>

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